The Counseling and Training Center, Inc.T


​The Counseling and Training Center strives to provide high quality services that are individualized and built on strengths. Our goal is to support the recovery, health and overall well-being of the individuals served; enhance quality of life; reduce symptoms or need; build resilience; and improve family cohesion and functioning. 

All of our services are provided with these goals in mind, and each service is recommended based on individual need.

Services are outpatient, which allows minimal disruption of day-to-day life, and are also community based, which means our clinicians will come to your home! Individuals also have the option of in-office sessions, as well. 

CTC accepts several insurance types, therefore little or no cost is passed to the families receiving care. Uninsured individuals may pay for services at an "out-of-pocket" rate determined by income.

The following coverage types are accepted: Amerigroup, Wellcare, PeachState, CareSource, Tricare, United Health Care, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of GA


Performed by a Licensed or Master's Level Clinician, this evaluation assesses the individual's function in all areas of life, including: emotional disturbances, mental status, social skills, family functioning, school or work performance, substance use, and risk to self or others. This assessment is required for all individuals receiving care, and is used to help determine goals and focus of treatment. 


​Performed by a Physician or Physician Assistant, this evaluation includes a mental status exam, assessment of risk to self or others, assessment of current and past physical heath, behavioral health, and substance use issues. This evaluation is used to determine appropriateness of initiating or continuing counseling, and may include a recommendation of psychotrophic medication. Continued psychiatric treatment may be necessary if medication is prescribed. Physician will monitor medication efficacy, side-effects and progress.


​One on one, face-to-face sessions between a Licensed Clinician and the individual. Sessions are focused on the individual and address the emotional disturbance and/or substance use, as well as develop or enhance healthy coping mechanisms, interpersonal skills and adaptive behaviors. 


Sessions with a Licensed or Master's Level Clinician involving one or more family member(s) of the identified participant, focusing on the family or subsystems within the family. Sessions will address family functioning and promote development or enhancement of healthy communication patterns, roles, rituals, boundaries, and parenting skills. This may include Marriage or Couples Counseling. 


In-clinic sessions with a Clinician or Family Consultant and other program participants. Group sessions are designed to be interactive and require individual participation and feedback. Groups are divided by age and topics addressed include: Anger Management, Communication, Reasoning and Rehabilitation, Self-Esteem, Substance Abuse and Parenting. 

Currently, Parenting is the only group available to Adults. Additional groups may be included upon increased demand. 


In-Home or Community sessions with a Family Consultant who assist the youth and family in building social skills and coping techniques (following directions, controlling impulses, concentrating on a task, anger management techniques, etc.) and attaining resources in the community (coordinating tutoring, transportation assistance, housing assistance, etc.). Family Consultants work with the individual and family members to identify and enhance the family's natural supports, advocate for the family, when necessary, and empower the individual and family to self-manage behaviors.

Note: Services do not independently provide tutoring, transportation, child care or any service not outlined above. Family Consultants may work in collaboration with the family to find resources like tutoring or transportation assistance, but do not provide these services themselves.